09 June 2016

Driveway Surfing

Trailer outfitted and provisioned?  Check.

House packed up, cleaned and empty?  Check.

House rented out and tenants moved in?  Check.

Get up and go?  Not quite yet.  As of move-out-from-house-time, our eldest daughter had about a month of school left in the school year.  We decide this is a good thing because this affords us the opportunity to ease ourselves into the trailer as a full-time abode, and also be close by our house to suss out any hiccups for our tenants.

Ah, but where to park the trailer while we're still living in town?  Friends' driveways, of course!  Seriously, we are so grateful for friends who are willing to tolerate us well beyond the 3-day rule that's typically reserved for in-laws.  And we've been humbled by the number of people who have stepped up and invited us to spend time with them.  In an effort to share the love, we've been rotating our whereabouts every several days, and it is so heartwarming to more intimately join in with our friends' lives, sharing meals and hanging out while kiddos play together.  And come bedtime, we just scoot back to our little mobile bungalow and cozy up in MATT.  

Driveway surfing!

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