01 July 2016

Goodbye, sweet Lacey

Fourteen years ago I adopted a new family member: a two-year old Border Collie named Lacey who was a 'rescue'.  I never learned anything about her first two years of life beyond the physical and emotional scars that she bore.  Much love and patience helped her overcome most of her traumas and blossom into a sweet, playful, loving, four-legged girl.

There are two kinds of pet owners: those who treat their pets as possessions, taken out to play with when the owner wants to play with them, and then pushed outside or into a garage the rest of the time; and then there are the pet owners who consider and treat their animals as companions and as full-fledged members of the family.  Lacey was a furry daughter to us.

She was always ready for fun of any kind, be it a long hike, or catching frisbees six feet over her head.  She could jump!  More than anything, though, she loved the ocean, and she would race up and down the beach or out into the waves until she was absolutely, completely, exhausted.

But time takes its toll on us all.  And sweet Lacey, who was ever a puppy at heart, was an old lady in dog years.  Her body could no longer bear the march of time, and she left us a year and a half ago.

We had her cremated.  And we kept her ashes ever with us.  Maybe we weren't ready to let her go yet.

Today we took her back to the place where she was the happiest I ever remember seeing her, Asilomar Beach, just south of Monterey, the city where Lacey became part of our family.  We took her ashes there, said words of remembrance and love, cried yet again, and spread her ashes in the sea.

Goodbye, faithful friend.  May we all meet again in the next life.

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  1. Omg- this made me cry. I remember Lacey running with us in Monterey. I cared for her in Maryland when Kirstin lived there. And we enjoyed seeing her in Germany and Califirnia when we visited. Lacey was an amazing dog and you were wonderful owners to her. She is gone but not forgotten & our hearts weep again as we say good bye to her all over again. Sending love!


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