09 January 2016

About Us

Who are we?  We're a pretty typical family of four: mama (Kirstin), papa (Scott), and the real impetus behind our family walkabout - our two daughters, Alexis (5) and Camilla (3).  Kirstin and I have always loved both travel and adventure, but as often happens when children are added to the mix, the pace and diversity of those travels and adventures has been abbreviated in the last many years.  We have never accepted this as simply 'the way that it must be', but have yearned instead to travel the world with our daughters and show it to them firsthand.  Kirstin and I both harbor a deep appreciation for the diversity and splendor of the wide world, and highly value the perspective that comes from experiencing life outside the routine boundaries.  We are both military veterans, and the life experience that brings has surely colorized our perspective and world views.  I am far more appreciative for it.  I appreciate each day, every experience, my wonderful family, and every moment I am afforded with them.  

The Dream

Have you ever dreamed a dream?  Haven't we all?  For a long time our family dreamed a dream of shucking the self-imposed bonds that our society encourages, the work-debt cycle necessitated by our consumption-intensive lifestyle.  For years we dutifully followed the standard model, spending our days at work to pay for our evenings and weekends together, all the while dreaming the dream of something different, of living life deliberately, exploring and experiencing the wide world together as a family.  And then one day we decided to stop dreaming the dream, and to live it.  This blog is our journal of our journey.