18 January 2017

Proof of Life

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned.  It has been five months since my last confession.  Blog post.  Whatever.

Scott: “Hi.  My name is Scott, and I’m a slacker.”
You: “Hi, Scott.”

Greetings from Kentucky, land of that big horse race, Jack Daniels, and the world-famous, lubricating, Kentucky Jelly (which tastes awful, by the way - not recommended on toast or PB&J’s).

At the end of our last episodic update I left y’all hanging in Washington State.  Five months ago.  (Again, I am sorry that I have been a slacker.)  So the Clif(rickson)’s Notes version is as follows: We ferried over to the San Juan Islands and did a bit of bike touring; discovered a tiny fragment of Washington State that is land-locked by Canada and accessible only from there or by plane or boat; other sights and scenes in Canada; upper Idaho; adventures and misadventures in Montana (Glacier National Park); a brief up-close view of the oil and gas industry in action through North Dakota; Minnesota; Wisconsin; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (pasties rule!); an extended stay with the extended family through the holidays in The Mitten (lower Michigan); then back on the road south through Indiana and now Kentucky.  And here we are.

So it throws the chronology of our sojourn off a bit (I said I’m sorry!) but now that I’m back in docudrama (blog) mode, and having established proof of life, I invite you to come with us now in this here tiny time machine as we go back to revisit the highlights of the last five months.  Right over here.  There you go, just sit there.  Don’t mind these straps here, they’re for safety.  And here…we…go!

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