30 June 2016

Day One - The Big Adventure is Live!

Seven and a half weeks we've been living in the trailer, waiting for the school year to end and tying up a myriad of loose ends and details.  Like a new truck.  For instance.

Seven and a half weeks ago we each harbored our separate doubts and misgivings about the path we have set our eyes upon.

Six and a half weeks we have been Driveway Surfing with our lovely, dear friends, sharing life much more closely and getting to know them better than would otherwise ever have been likely or possible.  

But all is now prepared.  And over the last few weeks our trepidation and fears have been entirely replaced with a growing sense of urgency to Come On and Get The Show On The Road!

We had decided to start our journey with a bang, and for our Day One destination picked Gilroy Gardens, a theme park targeted specifically at our girls' age group.  We thought it might be wise to front load some extra fun for the girls, and it worked.  They were giddy with anticipation.

We pack the last few things.  We give long, tearful hugs farewell. 

We hit the road.  Gilroy Gardens, here we come!

A beautiful day for a drive!  A couple of pit stops later, and there it is, looming ahead!  We pull into the ginormous parking lot, two minutes before the gates open.  I circle like a shark, trying to discern the perfect place to park Ruby and MATT.  We slide in and stop.  I hop out to unload the kiddos and then I hear a sssssssss sound that can only be a snake that never needs to inhale, or a punctured tire that is going flat.  Sure enough, there's a big fat screw in one of Ruby's brand new tires.  

Remember my saying we wanted to start the trip with a bang?  Mission accomplished!

We change the tire and get about the business that we came for.  Fun is had.  By day's end we are all exhausted, our fun reserves replenished.

We drag ourselves across the little town to a concrete pad that we've reserved for the night.  Our tiny trailer looks like a chihuahua at a Great Dane convention.

Food, warm showers, cuddles.  A beautiful start for the Big Adventure.

This is what I find most interesting about today: I predict it to be a perfectly foreshadowed synopsis of our whole trip yet to come: excitement to get going, trials and tribulations, problem solving, fun and excitement, exhaustion, and at the end warm showers, full bellies, and cuddles.  Time will tell.

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