18 July 2016

How To Make Cold Brew

One of the things we've learned along the road so far is how to make cold brewed coffee.  Cold brew seems less bitter than normal coffee, and when prepped the night beforehand is ready and waiting in the morning.  Of course, it's cold, which works better in some weather than in other.  Cold mornings hanker for hot brew, but on warmish days, cold brew is the bomb!  If you have ice, simply pour the cold brew on top for instant iced coffee.

If you have a French press, making cold brew is uber simple.  Fill your French press with the appropriate amounts of coarse ground coffee and water (four to five scoops of grounds in ours, then fill with water), set it aside, and then 8-12 hours later press the French press presser-thingie.  Voila!  Room-temp coffee without the need to boil water or anything!

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