18 July 2016


I've always loved Northern California.  It's beautiful and way less crowded than So-Cal.  Giant trees, pastoral rolling hills, earthy agriculture, and gorgeous rugged coastline, interspersed with a network of roads-less-traveled, funky towns, and pockets of the Haves strewn throughout the broader spread of the Have-Nots.

We've attempted to alternate between paid campsites and more primitive low-cost or free alternatives as we wend our way north along California's coast.  And we have been rewarded with a broad cross-section of experiences.  

Oh, the interesting people you can meet!  

We've been very pleased to meet a wide spread of wonderful and interesting people along our way, each on their own personal journey, each with their own fascinating story, and we've been humbled at the openness, kindness, and vulnerability we have encountered.  No hedges, fences, yards, or walls separating you from the people just-over-there.  How easy to strike up a conversation with your neighbor when their fire pit is but 20 feet from yours.

In only the last few days we have been privileged to cross paths, ever so briefly, with a former Olympic cyclist, a pair of world-traveling physical therapists, a beautiful young couple in search of an off-grid existence, Europeans experiencing our grand scope and scale, Canadians, and people without permanent domicile.  People are so rich and interesting when you make the effort to find out.

Bodega Dunes State Park.  Where's Alexis?  Climbing!

Bodega Dunes State Park


Alexis climbing in Point Arena, CA

Just north of Fort Bragg, CA

Climbing the Redwoods

Where's Alexis?

Clam Beach, near Arcata, CA

Petting a worm found in ear of corn at Farmers Market, Arcata

Fern Canyon

Campsite near Crescent City.  Note MATT in background...

Polliwog found in Eel River near Redwoods National Park

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